The Agony of Water Scarcity

Photo by Tucker Tangeman on Unsplash THROUGH THE EYES OF OJONUGWA YAHAYA INTRODUCTION Located in an atmosphere of serenity and decorated with the rich savannah vegetation, the communal life and practice of trade by barter is still held with great prestige in the community of Ojokpachi-Odo.  Ojokpachi is one of the villages in Omala Local […]

Open Defecation: A Known Enemy Affecting the Everyday Nigerian Life

Old woman showing her makeshift toilet.Credit: UN NewsBy Ojonugwa Yahaya from HipCity Innovation Centre Among human communities, there are some behaviours which have negative impact the people and endangers the health of the entire population. Most times, the people ignore the consequences because they believe it is an age-old practice and their forebears were not […]

Public Restrooms Need to Change

Image: Sarcasm I am constantly baffled when I use restrooms in public spaces that have only tissue paper.  But let me backtrack a bit. Growing up, I was taught to clean myself with water any time I peed or pooped and this was followed by a strict rule to wash my hands afterwards. This was common practice […]

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