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Hey guys. So this week was full! We had a lot of things that we talked about and we were excited to have you follow us on this journey. We crossed the 30000 view mark and we are excited about this achievement. With your continued love and support, we are heading for the furthest part of the galaxy. Thank you darlings. So these were the top stories, pieces, videos and the likes we had on our various platforms. On the blog; 1.     We started the week by sending a letter to parents on how important they are in building their children’s self-worth and esteem. It was a no holds barred kinda piece and you should check it out if you ever want to be or are already a parent; 2.     For #TalkTuesday, we looked at catcallers and wondered what you thought of them; 3.     Wednesday, November 16, was International Day of Tolerance and we expressed why we MUST tolerate one another regardless of race, religion, tribe, strata, gender or sexual orientation and finally; 4.     The gruesome mob killing of a boy (or man if the news is to be believed) prompted us to talk about the possibilities that we may all be murderers. It was pretty serious stuff on the blog but the podcast was more fun. We; 1.     Celebrated BLESSING TIMIDI for her work on activism and human rights, with special bias to women and children and; 2.     Did a throwback of our 5 favorite R’n’B songs of the 90s done by Divas; the good type. Or in Mariah Carey’s case, just Diva. And because our founder, Ramatu Ada Ochekliye, was one of the facilitators for the Save Our Women Foundations’ “RUNNING WITH A PURPOSE CONFERENCE 2016”, she shared excepts from her lecture on our vlog channel. She spoke on ‘SOCIAL MEDIA: LOOKING THROUGH THE MEDIA LENS’ and shared the excerpts in a four part series broken down below; 1.     GIRLS AND SOCIAL MEDIA; 2.     CHALLENGES GIRLS FACE ON SOCIAL MEDIA; 3.    PRIVACY ON SOCIAL MEDIA and; 4.     WHY SOCIAL MEDIA IS IMPORTANT FOR GIRLS. We also finally decided to be on Instagram and yes, we know we are 2000 and late! But we are here now, so follow us at shadesofbrownng. So this is an overview of all the things we did this week. Which is your favorite piece? Catch up on our work and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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