The Foreign Certificate Syndrome

Picture From: The Evolllution Have you noticed that many companies in Nigeria today ask that prospective employees have at least a Masters Degree from a foreign institution? This has led many Nigerians to do all they canto go abroad and get a certificate. This means that Nigeria currently spends over $2 billion (N400 billion) annually […]

Would You Work for an Unprofessional Boss?

Employees working on a problem.Image: Video Block So…I got an invitation to attend an interview in Lagos and it got me really excited. The company had a great online presence and I imagined how I could add value to the company. I took a bus trip and somewhere between Ondo and Oyo, we were nearly […]

On Flawed Leadership And Stunted Growth

Employees playing a game of Chess.Image: Have you ever worked for someone whom you knew is less intelligent than you are and whose vision is so myopic that it cannot really be called that? Have you had to deal with leaders who stifle your capabilities and reach just because they cannot see beyond the […]

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