For My Super Fans

I am so excited to announce that the blog has crossed the 25, 000 views threshold. This happened barely three days after I celebrated the 24, 000th view. I was planning something big for this achievement but it totally just creeped on me. I had been thinking about what to do for this milestone crossed and no matter what I thought of, I knew it had to be for the readers of my blog. I finally settled on dedicating this achievement to my ‘super fans’. These people have been instrumental to the growth of my blog (and other platforms) and I just want to use this opportunity to appreciate them. They include; Abe Onche, who has been my friend for years now and my one of my biggest support systems since I started my blog. He has urged and prodded me to do more and be more. There are many times I have felt like quitting because it is a lot of hard work but Abe would have none of that. He is the typical annoying optimist who always believes the sun is shining even when it is dark. I on the other hand can be a bit of a realist. Okay! I am very much a realist! This means that when I get tired of putting out content and following my dreams, he is always there to give me a ray of hope. I am not always eager to hear him out and many times, I am deliberately difficult but if I didn’t have him to push me, this blog would probably have gone to sleep now. Abe shares EVERY single post I put up and I know a huge chunk of the views comes from his friends on social media. To crown it all, Abe puts up money for my platforms. He was my first investor and that is why he likes disturbing my life to put out stuff and you know someone believes in you when they not only put in their time and energy but also put in their money. The next super fan, or in this case fans, are my sisters Enigbe and Sadiya. They HAVE TO live with me and deal with my crankiness, quirkiness and sometimes, downright craziness. In spite of all that, they are very supportive of my work and passion. Since I have been out of work, they have been my support until I find my footing. I am their older sister but they contribute financially to my work. And when they cannot contribute financially, they share their data with me to make sure I am always online. Yes! My sisters are better than yours! I was so humbled when I caught them googling cameras to buy so I can put out stuff daily. They wanted to surprise me with one but we all had to agree it was not feasible at the moment. The positive thing for me was the thought. From the moment I started my platforms, they have had so much belief in my abilities that I honestly feel like I can touch the moon from the comfort of my room.  Someone else I really want to appreciate is my home girl Oluwashadeayo Opeyemi. Shade is such an awesome woman and a caring friend. In spite of how busy she is – AND SHE IS BUSY – she always manages to take out time to read my blog and share on her social media pages. I lived with Shade for two weeks and I know how hectic her life is. She has a 9-5 job but spends three hours GOING to work and three RETURNING home from work. While with her, I used to follow her to the office and though I just sat down and fiddled with my phone, I was always bone tired when we got back home. You can imagine what Shade, a manager at a top sales firm, feels at the end of each working day. With all of this, she still manages to read my posts and share them! Did I forget to mention that she also puts money to my work? She is awesome like that! Another big supporter is Peter Cheman Koti. He was my colleague when I worked with FM and TV Gotel. He is an on-air-personality who presents about five shows and produces so much more. He is also second-in-command in the FM unit and a very busy man. He works Mondays through to Saturdays and probably rests only on Sundays; though I know he prepares for his shows for the week then. With all the work he does, he manages to follow my platforms and share almost everything I put up. He has called me on many occasions just to tell me ‘well done Ramat. Keep the good work going.’ He is the same person who gave me opportunities to be on his shows when many people wanted to hug the mic for themselves. I am proud to say the Peter is good people. Ite Thomas is the next person I am calling my super fan. Ite is an officer of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and a very intelligent man. The first time I met him was when he called in on one of my shows. We were discussing leadership and governance and his response was so enlightening, I wanted to have him as a guest on my show. From that day, I looked forward to having him call in on my show. What Ite gives me is a healthy discussion on whatever I write. I always like to hear his point of view after each post and he never disappoints. His knowledge and understanding of topical issues is just amazing. Even though I have not met him physically, I feel like I have known him for years. I see him as one of my closest friends. Another person who I have interesting discussions with on any post I put up is Sanusi Yahya. I

Happy Birthday Dad Uzzah Wado!

Dr. Uzzah Wado Founder Diplomat’s Centre, Kaduna It was the year 2006 and I was spiraling out of control. I had my life planned out but I was becoming more destructive to myself. My friend Jacob David invited me to church and that day, my life changed! Preaching that morning was Dr. Uzzah Wado. He talked on ‘Finding Your Purpose’ and I sat riveted to the pulpit. See, I had been going to church but it was more a social event than anything else. I honestly felt the pastors I had been under were mediocre and the image of GOD they portrayed wasn’t the view of GOD I had in my mind. The messages didn’t serve to improve my faith and I knew there had to be more about GOD! Dr. Uzzah teaching on Leadership So here I was listening to a different kind of message! It was intelligent, logical, knowledge-filled and very deep. My mind was blown! THIS was the message I had been waiting for! I went to Dad Uzzah’s house and he invited me into his library. I was impressed by the size of it and the number of books he had. I was however no longer surprised that his message was so intelligent. This man reads for Africa! He saw that I was with a book – a romantic fiction novel – and that was the first point of conversation. Dad asked about books I had read and asked if I had seen some of his. I was real, telling him I didn’t read Christian or motivational literature. He was good with that. Didn’t pronounce me a sinner or stuff like that. We continued to see and talk at least once every week. It became my free therapy session. I always left those meetings with a new book to read. Soon I was telling him about my dysfunctional family and my road to self-destruction. On one of such days, he got up from his seat to look for a book – which was unusual because he used to tell me to get the book for him – and when he saw what he was looking for, he pulled it out and gave to me. It was ‘Breaking the Cycle of Pain’ by Bishop T.D. Jakes. Dad Uzzah asked me to read it and come back for a discussion. Rev. Dr. Uzzah WadoDirectorInstitute for National Transformation (Abuja) That book took me through a whirlwind of pain, sadness, grief, anger and finally, change! That was the day I decided to be more focused on rebuilding me from the roots of my dysfunction. Dad stayed with me even when I got mad at him and left the relationship and deliberately disregarded him. He made sure he always prayed for me and advised me on many major decisions. It has been 10 years since I met Dr. Uzzah Wado and till tomorrow, he is still one of the biggest influences in my life. He taught me to be a purpose-driven woman, showed me that I was equal to the male version of my species, reminded me that I am like GOD and should strive to always represent MY KING and best of all, was my a good replica of JESUS to me. I am proud to know this man! Dad, as you celebrate your new age, I bless GOD for your life! I am thankful that you let GOD use you. If you hadn’t come into my life, I don’t know what could have happened. As such, I pray for much more wisdom for you, more knowledge, more understanding, more blessings, more power, more glory, more strength, more increase and more happiness in your life. I pray that your years will be graced with the joy you deserve and honored with the crowning glory that comes from serving GOD. I pray that your delight in your family grows and that your influence expands beyond your best imagination! I am proud of you dad! Love you plenty! Happy birthday Dr. Uzzah Wado! PS: Though not as often as before, I still got to him to ‘disturb’ him in his Library! When he sees me, he knows that the crazy person is around. Thank you Dad for accepting my quirks and craziness! The Uzzahs

Happy Birthday Frama!

Frama receiving the ‘BEST H.O.D AWARD’ at the House of Refuge International Workers Awad/Appreciation Night Frama Ambrose is someone I met in January 2013. I was introduced to him as one who would be joining the Protocol Unit of House of Refuge International Church, Yola. He was courteous, respectful and very willing to teach me the ropes of the department. In less than three months, he was made the Head of Department of the Protocol Unit and I was so HAPPY! No one was more suited to lead such a sensitive department. Making sure things are going smoothly Frama has the qualities of a leader – of a true leader – and that is why it was so easy to submit to him. You know I used to have to crazy temper tantrums and with just one word, I knew I had to keep myself in check. There was this thing that made us not want to disappoint Frama. Frama is Mr. Excellence himself. Being the protocol boss, he knew a bit about everything in church and a lot out of it. He is funny, very intelligent, sometimes sarcastic (guess you know why I like him) and very considerate! He was the only person I could discuss basketball with and you know I love my NBA franchises! The Ambroses; Frama, Yanuti and King Diego Jr. With his wife Yanuti (mama!), I found a family in Yola who had my back and to whom I could run to when I had problems. And when I did wrong, he would chastise me immediately and drop the issue. This made me become a better me. His desire for GOD and the things of GOD makes him a better man daily! I love the Ambrose family and I am so proud to have met Frama! Today, I celebrate him as he marks another birthday! Frama and Yanuti Ambrose Dear Frama, as you celebrate today, may GOD always bless you and your beautiful family, may HE keep you grounded in all you do, infusing you with more wisdom, knowledge and understanding and taking you from glory to better glory. Your style of leadership is to be emulated and I pray GOD makes you a shining example and influence for more and more young people. I pray that your son, King Diego Jr, sees the example of your influence and replicates it in his generation. I am so proud of you Frama! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Frama and Yanuti Ambrose

Happy Birthday Abe!

My friend. My Homie. My bestie. All one word but all applying to him; ABRAHAM IGOCHE ONCHE. Abe has been one of my ‘bestest’ friends in this world. He is a witty, crazy, nerdy and totally impossible person who has the greatest love for humanity. Abe is one of the best, albeit laziest, writer I know. LOL. Don’t be mad dearie. True genius takes its time right? LOL. His penmanship is brilliant and his ability to weave stories is something I envy. His works are expressed on his blog – ONELARGEXPREZZO. Abe has been one of my biggest pushers since he saw me doodle on Facebook. I always say my friend Charles pushed me start my blog but Abe prodded me to continue writing. This was at a time when I was drowning in confusion about the direction my life should take. He heard my voice even when it was not a voice. When I started my blog, he offered his services as editor and in doing so, helped me improve my writing greatly. Even when we fell out because of our different writing styles, he still made sure he helped with my blog. Abe went a bit further by investing in my dreams. I don’t just mean with his time and energy but with his money. You know someone has your back when they not only give you’re their time but also their money. Typical Nerd Behavior The love Abe has for humanity is something one should emulate. Unlike me who decided to put science on the back burner, Abe is doggedly interested in solving medical problems, thus improving the lifestyle of people. Yeah! He is a nerd like that! Oi! Don’t be mad! You know youz a nerd. LOL In the 7 years that I have known Abe, there hasn’t been a time when he couldn’t help me, when he didn’t show himself selfless, when he wasn’t willing to sacrifice for the people he calls friends and when he wasn’t giving his all to what he believed in. I am proud to be called his friend! Abe, you have taught me to respect people more, to learn to be peaceable (even though it is hard jare), to aspire and REACH for the stars, to be tenacious in the pursuit of my goals, to never give up even if the darkness seems to be shrouding me and best of all, to believe that I am worth it! Worth everything I desire! You have also taught me to be adventurous, to never be content with what I know and to be willing to unlearn or relearn what I know. For all this, I thank you for being in my life! You are awesome! Love you loads! As you add another year today, I pray that your wisdom grows a million times greater than you, that you are marked by GOD’s understanding, and that GOD blesses you indeed and unto at least 4 generations. I pray that your quest for good makes you leave a mark in the sands of time and that you are celebrated over and over. I pray that your happiness never runs dry and that your wealth transcends you even unto the fourth generation. Happy birthday my friend! You deserve to celebrate and be celebrated! Ps: Better bring all the goodies you possibly can when returning and hurry back jare! I don’t have anybody to trouble!

Happy Birthday T.S. Ralph!

When I started the New Year in January, I prayed to GOD to help me increase my sphere of influence by expanding my reach. I made a pledge to start a podcast and vlog, which would be an audio and visual representation of blog. It was easy to start the podcast but the vlog kept giving me problems! I didn’t know it was GOD’s way of making me wait for better. I met Tunde Raphael when I went to Royal Arts Academy. Tunde is a nice, awesome, superb and wonderful person. He puts the needs of others before his own. That is his personality! His work ethics is just brilliant! He expects the best, so HE GIVES HIS BEST! Even though he was already a good cinematographer, he knew there was always room to learn and improve himself. We would pore over movies and documentaries to improve our technical know-how about film/documentary making! He was, and is always ready to learn! In time, we became fast friends. I told him about my dreams and before you could say ‘Episode 1’, Tunde was in! He told me to pick a day so we can shoot the episodes of my vlog. In that moment, I knew my dreams were finally coming closer to reality! Since that time, we have struck a partnership that, I know, will take us great places! Tuned also taught me how to edit videos and I feel like I am now a well-rounded media person! If you know me, you know I can be a lot of trouble to work with. When I sit to edit my videos, I am reminded of how troublesome I was during shoots but Tunde never once lost his cool! He always maintained a calm that was impressive and of which I want to emulate. He has taught me to be a better presenter by simply being calm. For that, I cannot help but say I LOVE THIS DUDE! Tunde, as you mark another birthday anniversary, I pray that you are blessed indeed, that your territory will be increased beyond your best imagination, that wisdom will spring forth from you and understanding shall be your mark. I pray that you become excellent and reaching there, strive for better excellence! I pray that your voice will be heard in this generation and in generations to come! My desire is that, after a long, purpose-driven life, you will leave your legacy in the hearts of men and in the sands of time. As you believed in me and gave your time, energy, finances and knowledge to my dream, may GOD send helpers your way who would replicate what you have done to me a thousand folds! Know that you are loved my friend and partner! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TUNDE! PS: No even play with me! Better keep my cake oh! I no dey laugh! Ehen, bribe me oh…if not…I go expose your age! LOL!

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