Happy Birthday Abe!

My friend. My Homie. My bestie. All one word but all applying to him; ABRAHAM IGOCHE ONCHE. Abe has been one of my ‘bestest’ friends in this world. He is a witty, crazy, nerdy and totally impossible person who has the greatest love for humanity. Abe is one of the best, albeit laziest, writer I know. LOL. Don’t be mad dearie. True genius takes its time right? LOL. His penmanship is brilliant and his ability to weave stories is something I envy. His works are expressed on his blog – ONELARGEXPREZZO. Abe has been one of my biggest pushers since he saw me doodle on Facebook. I always say my friend Charles pushed me start my blog but Abe prodded me to continue writing. This was at a time when I was drowning in confusion about the direction my life should take. He heard my voice even when it was not a voice. When I started my blog, he offered his services as editor and in doing so, helped me improve my writing greatly. Even when we fell out because of our different writing styles, he still made sure he helped with my blog. Abe went a bit further by investing in my dreams. I don’t just mean with his time and energy but with his money. You know someone has your back when they not only give you’re their time but also their money. Typical Nerd Behavior The love Abe has for humanity is something one should emulate. Unlike me who decided to put science on the back burner, Abe is doggedly interested in solving medical problems, thus improving the lifestyle of people. Yeah! He is a nerd like that! Oi! Don’t be mad! You know youz a nerd. LOL In the 7 years that I have known Abe, there hasn’t been a time when he couldn’t help me, when he didn’t show himself selfless, when he wasn’t willing to sacrifice for the people he calls friends and when he wasn’t giving his all to what he believed in. I am proud to be called his friend! Abe, you have taught me to respect people more, to learn to be peaceable (even though it is hard jare), to aspire and REACH for the stars, to be tenacious in the pursuit of my goals, to never give up even if the darkness seems to be shrouding me and best of all, to believe that I am worth it! Worth everything I desire! You have also taught me to be adventurous, to never be content with what I know and to be willing to unlearn or relearn what I know. For all this, I thank you for being in my life! You are awesome! Love you loads! As you add another year today, I pray that your wisdom grows a million times greater than you, that you are marked by GOD’s understanding, and that GOD blesses you indeed and unto at least 4 generations. I pray that your quest for good makes you leave a mark in the sands of time and that you are celebrated over and over. I pray that your happiness never runs dry and that your wealth transcends you even unto the fourth generation. Happy birthday my friend! You deserve to celebrate and be celebrated! Ps: Better bring all the goodies you possibly can when returning and hurry back jare! I don’t have anybody to trouble!

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