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Beautiful Space Wallpaper Image: Eliosh ‘Life’ scared the shit out of her. She knew that NASA and a host of scientists were really testing the possibilities of life on other planets. She also knew that for life to exist on any of these planets, they would have to be super intelligent and greatly evolved.   That wasn’t what scared her. That last scene in the movie where the alien was freed from the sealed hatch was what did.   ‘What if life (she smiled at the pun) imitated fiction? What if a single cell brought back from any of these planets could mark the disruption of earth’s stability and the extinction of human life?’   She imagined that like War of the Worlds, the aliens might be defeated by something as simple as earth’s atmosphere, but she knew that loads of people would have to die in the process. Seven billion people pushing on ten. What would happen if aliens got two? She sighed. Who was she kidding? Five billion people will definitely die.   But would there be good aliens? Like Optimus Prime (before that evil Quintessa cast her metallic spell on him) or Curtis from Deen Koontz’s ‘One Door Away From Heaven’?   ‘Arggghh! This is what happens when I watch horror films at night!’   She knew she would sleep fitfully. She just hoped she didn’t have dreams where Calvin chased her around for his late night snack.   She pumped her pillows and settled in to sleep.   Thirty minutes later and her mind just wouldn’t settle down. It was preoccupied with alien life and being in space. If she was true to herself, she would admit that she wanted to experience outer space. She didn’t want to just learn about these things from books, movies and her daily newsletter from Space via IFTTT. She wanted to feelthings in real time. Heck, she wanted to meet an alien.   She jolted out of bed.   ‘Girl, you are getting stark raving mad! Meet an alien?!’   She shook her head and laughed.   As she settled back into bed, she wondered. ‘It would be really cool to meet an alien though. To learn their thought process, understand their existence.’   ‘Yeah. Just before it swallows you up in one gulp.’ Her rational mind countered.   She laughed…and swore it was the last time she would smoke weed before watching a movie. With that, she fell asleep.   ***   People were whispering above her. Had her village people come to torment her? But she wasn’t feeling any tightness in her chest. In fact, she wasn’t feeling any fear. She just knew that she should be afraid…but wasn’t.   She kept her eyes tightly shot, hoping they would go away, hoping they were not some criminals with guns ready to do her harm.   ‘You can open your eyes now. We know you are awake.’   She did, sat up in bed…and shouted, ‘Jesus Christ!’   ‘Hahahaha…pay up. I told you they use that name for every emotion they are feeling.’ The cute one with the geeky look – glasses, white shirt tucked into brown Chinos trousers with a light blue cotton sweater on top – couldn’t contain his excitement.   The older, seemingly more mature one who was dressed in all black denim and the newest Kobe A.D NXT 360, looked at her and smiled; or something akin to a smile.   ‘Hello Ada Evans.’   She blanched. How do they know her name?   ‘For the sake of this meeting, you may call me One. He is Two.’   ‘Hey! That was not the name we agreed on. Why do you like to be so…drab?’ Two was angry, very much like a teenager.   Ada could have sworn he gave out some light in his anger. Her eyes widened. She looked away from both men to study her environment. She was on her bed alright but this wasn’t her room. And wherever she was couldn’t be real!   The walls seemed to be made of pulsing Citrine, with light snaking through them and giving out warm, brown tones that had a surprisingly calm effect on her. It was weird because the light in the room should have been a mixture of gold and brown but it was…clear. How did they achieve that? How did they balance out the light? She looked up, trying to find the source of light.   She shouldn’t have done that.   The ‘ceiling’ (could she even call it that) was beige with rivulets of as many shades of brown as possible constantly intertwining to form a story. On closer inspection, she saw that the stories were from aspects of her life; the happiest ones. When she was playing basketball and scored her first three, when she first tasted Maltesers and let that chocolatey goodness melt in her mouth, when she finished her first short film, when she sunbathed in Seychelles…   ‘Wait! That hasn’t happened!’   ‘We know. We also know that is one of your biggest dreams so we thought to throw that in so you could calm down.’ Ada was sure it was Two’s idea. He seemed so happy with himself.   Their plan had worked though; she was calm. What type of sorcery was this? And where the heck was this place?   ‘You are aboard the Athena. We heard your request to…’   Ada interrupted One. ‘What is the Athena? And where is this? Have I been kidnapped? And how did you get my bed out of my room?!’ She jumped out of bed and took a fighting stance. The floor felt…very comforting; like how she read a sheepskin rug should feel.   ‘I have a black belt and you nerds don’t look like much! I will beat you guys faster than you can say Ava Duvernay!’   Two started to pacify her but One interrupted him.   ‘You don’t have a black belt and

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