Changing Stereotypes: Meet the Girl Behind Larney’s Make-Overs

Rachel Eugene Michael.CEO, Larney’s Make-Overs.Image: ProShot. When I posted my vlog – There Are Many Hardworking Black Women….And They Are Not Runs Girls – I knew I touched some nerves. It was my first vlog to get hit with the ‘unlike’ button and trust me, it stung a little more than I would admit. I knew the blog, podcast and vlog would strike major nerves because it is about changing stereotypes that currently define women. I was still brooding about the poor feedback when I got a message from @dat_bajju_bae on Instagram. We got talking and she shared her story, challenges, hopes and aspirations with me and I was glad that she connected. This is what I learned about her. Her name is Rachael Eugene Michael and she is a student of Ahmadu Bello University. Like most of us, Rachael made some mistakes trying to find her foot in this world. Unlike most people though, Rachael realized she was wrong and needed to change her path and rewrite her story going forward. As a result, Rachael started her own beauty business specializing in make-up artistry, and it is called LARNEY’S MAKE-OVERS. I must say I believe Rachael is good at what she does! Her make-up for dark-skinned beauties is lit! Below are examples of what she has done. I would be grateful if we all support this young woman who has decided to work hard at being independent and professional. Contact her for your beauty makeover via the following platforms: FACEBOOK: RACHAEL ELSIE MICHAELS; INSTAGRAM: @dat_bajju_bae ADDRESS: AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY, KONGO, ZARIA. PHONE NUMBER: 08094757586 She is also available to travel if and when contacted. She told me that my vlog had inspired her to be more hard working and to strive for better. I was more than elated that she contacted me. It is for this reason that I do what I do. This here is another hardworking woman! It si about time we realize that the stereotypes about women are played out! So Whatchu waiting fo? Girl is waiting fo yo call y’all!  Check out more photos after the cut. PHOTOCREDIT: PROSHOT

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