Lessons for African Youth: Preserve Indigenous Knowledge

  Lesson 2: Preserve Indigenous Knowledge A major lesson for young African youth is a call to preserve and cherish indigenous knowledge. Embedded within the customs, rituals, and wisdom of Africa’s diverse communities is a wealth of insights and understanding that have sustained societies for centuries. Indigenous knowledge encompasses a wide spectrum of expertise, from […]

Lessons For African Youth: Embrace Cultural Diversity

Lessons For African Youth: Embrace Cultural Diversity

    By Adetayo Adetokun   Africa stands at a pivotal moment in its journey. With the largest youth population globally, the potential for transformative change is boundless. These young Africans are the torchbearers of their nations, poised to steer the continent toward a brighter, more prosperous future.   Yet, this path forward is laden […]

When No One Is Looking

Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas from Pexels As long as I can remember, I have always cared about the issues that affect Africa, Africans and people of African dissent, with special focus on how these issues affect women and children. Even as a child in primary school, I can remember expressing anger at people who treated women and children […]

Announcing: ‘Quick-E’

One of the best things about Africa is how diverse the people, cultures and traditions, food, clothing, values and beliefs, and what makes us African is. From the horn of Africa to the swamps of the Niger delta, we are as different a people as the topography of our regions are. Despite our difference, it […]

The World’s Worst Fathers

Image: LA Progressive My mind keeps flitting to this year’s Father’s Day and an incident that happened on Twitter. While most people were praising their fathers, this girl (whom I won’t mention) shared a thread about her abusive father and how he isn’t, for lack of a better word, shit. She wished her mother a […]

Why We Support the Eradication of Poverty

A boy with calloused feet and worn out slippers.A direct result of poverty.Picture: SHARE THE WORLD’S RESOURCES Poverty is an ever present reality for many Africans. This is usually as a result of war and conflicts, natural causes like drought, famine, excessive rainfall or epidemics. For many countries however, poverty is a direct result of […]

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