Why Athletes Need Formal Education

King Lebron James Zoning Out to Read a BookCredit: Spekuliantias  I attended a basketball league finale recently in Abuja and found out that a couple of the players could not (properly) write their names. It got me thinking about the number of athletes in the country who are not formally educated and what it means […]

For My Super Fans

I am so excited to announce that the blog has crossed the 25, 000 views threshold. This happened barely three days after I celebrated the 24, 000th view. I was planning something big for this achievement but it totally just creeped on me. I had been thinking about what to do for this milestone crossed […]

Getting It Right With Arthritis

Photo by Ricardo Fontes Mendes on Unsplash by ABE ONCHE  It creeps into your joints and plays havoc with your nerves, and at the worst times it keeps you up late at night. It leaves you spontaneously swelling, sapping your strength and before you know it, the simple joys of going down the stairs or pressing a remote […]

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